short extract


As Ellie backed up the slope towards the tree line, her feet slipped a little on the rubble underfoot. She grabbed at a low branch and with one last look at the dog, she turned and fled up the slope.

The dog began to growl. Then its enraged and frantic barking echoed around the hills.

Not caring about the noise any more, Ellie scrambled up over the top of the hill. She slid and jumped down towards the gully, barely keeping her balance. If she could out-race the men and get back to the Lark Quarry camp, there was still a chance of escape – if the quad bike key was still where it’d been left.

She raced along the high bank of the creek bed. Floods had eroded its edges in the past, and without warning, the weakened strata gave way under Ellie’s feet. She crashed down into the creek bed, rolling in a torrent of falling dirt and shale…..


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